Seasonal Changes Collection- August 2022- Dahlia - 100g Cambrian (Welsh x BFL) Wool

Not a Club...

But like a Club.

One you can dip and out of when you choose, and one that I can take a break from if I need a month off. 

Each month I'll dye up a new mixed colour pack on Cambrian wool. 

There will be 5 x 20g of colours that are co-ordinating, but contrasting enough to work for things like colourwork. 

I'll launch a new set of colours each month, and when the first set quantity available have sold out, I'll dye another batch, but only dyeing the month of that colourway.

I usually dye at least once a week, so most of the time there will be new stock available pretty rapidly. 

The next month I'll have a fresh colour set available.


August 2022- Sea Glass

Colours in this pack- Magenta, Burnt Orange, Saffron Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Pale Lime

It's dyed on Cambrian Wool. This is Welsh wool from farms local to me. The Cambrian Wool CIC (Community Interest Company) selects the finest fleeces from these farms and has them processed, in the UK, in to Combed Top & Worsted Yarns.  The sheep are known as Welsh Mules.  A Mule is a cross between a native upland sheep, in this case Welsh Mountain, and a Blue Faced Leicester. These sheep produce wool with beautiful sheen, and incredible bounce, and a long staple length.

The Cambrian Mountains are the remote upland area in the centre of Wales.
This stunningly beautiful landscape is one of the our best kept secrets...


5 x 20g (0.7oz) of hand dyed combed top. 


You can spin them as mini-skins, or use hand carders to create transition shades for a gradient skein. You could also use them on drum carders and blending boards to add a little special touch to blends. 

Each colour way is hand dyed in a solid colour way, but the nature of hand dyeing creates a fibre that won't produce a solid coloured yarn. This tonal variation will really help to create unique beautiful projects. 


These colourways are intended to be repeatable, but the nature of my hand dyeing techniques means that colourways will never be identical from dye batch to dye batch. All the packs that are available at any one time will come from the same batch and will match each other. Packs listed at a later date may well contain colours that are slightly different. Please buy enough in one go to complete your chosen project.


These fibres have been dyed to exhaust using acid dyes, and then rinsed using hot water and detergent. However, differences in water can sometimes cause odd things to happen to hand dyed fibres. I would recommend washing the dark colours separately from the pale colours in the unlikely case that some bleeding does occur.

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