Charcoal- Eco Sock. Superwash Cheviot & Bio-Nylon. 120g

 If my socks don't have nylon in them I wear them out almost instantly...

However we're all becoming more aware of the issues of synthetic fibres not breaking down once we've finished with them as clothing. This blend takes an awesome British Wool, that's got a great micron count for durability, but also not too coarse for comfort, and combines it with a Bio-Nylon. So you get machine washability, durability, and you can feel slightly less guilty about your socks.

Bio-Nylon is a special kind of synthetic that's specially treated to breakdown in landfill conditions, the synthetic fibres are broken down in anaerobic conditions by the bacteria in the landfill. The production method also uses recycled waste water.  

The wool used is Superwash treated Cheviot. This is an upland British breed, Cheviot fleece is crimpy, sturdy, but still with a soft hand. It makes a great sock yarn thanks to the bounce you get from the natural crimp. 


75% Superwash Cheviot

25% Bio-Nylon


This yarn will be machine washable at low temperatures. Wash a swatch in your machine to check the temperature you would normally use.

These fibres have been professionally dyed to Okeo-Tex 100 certification. 

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