Non-Wool Club 3 Month Subscription

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A club for those who want to try more unusual fibres....

Each month your parcel will contain 3 different non-wool fibres. 

There might be silk, plant fibres, camelids, but there won't be any synthetics. 

Some of the plant fibres will be bast fibres like linen, there may also be cotton, and some may be processed plant fibres such as bamboo rayon, or viscose. 

Most fibres will be dyed, but there will be a couple of interestingly coloured natural fibres included in the subscription. 

If you've been a member for the past 2 rounds you will get some fibre repeats, though the colours will be different. I do have a few new fibres for you though!


Please make sure you select the correct options in the drop down boxes before clicking on the "Add to Cart" Button. 

Use the code NONWOOLSHIPPING on the checkout page to remove the postage cost that the shopping cart will automatically apply. 

Size Options

- 20g (0.7oz) of each fibre, 60g (2.1oz) per parcel, and 180g (6.3oz) in total over the 3 month subscription.

Ideal for people who just want to sample, or have blending boards and drum carders. 


- 100g of each fibre, 300g per parcel, 900g in total over the 3 month subscription. 

Ideal for those who like to spin for projects and want to have a skein of yarn to use for a finished item.


Colourway Options

- Hamburg: Oranges, browns, aqua

- Königssee: Purples, blues, greens, browns.


You will be able to combine these parcels with normal shop orders, but I will not be able to combine Non-Wool club parcels with Time Travellers, or Gradient club parcels. Please leave a note when you place an order letting me know which club you subscribe to. 

When you set up a subscription I will add your email address to the club mailing list so I can contact you when your parcel has shipped. I will also notify you when any extra fibre is available to purchase. 

Spare fibre from this club will be listed in the online shop 1 month after club parcels have shipped and be available for anyone to purchase. 


Parcels will be sent out once a month in September, October and November.

Price includes postage for all 3 parcels. Use the code NONWOOLSHIPPING to remove the postage cost that the shopping cart will automatically apply. 


Total Costs inc. VAT

20g of each fibre, UK £33

20g of each fibre, EU £45

20g of each fibre, Rest of the World, £42

100g of each fibre, UK £78

100g of each fibre, EU £92

100g of each fibre, Rest of the World £85

£33.00 GBP

Including VAT: £33.00 GBP

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