Spinster- Prefect Style Pin Badge

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I've long been a fan of reclaiming the word Spinster...

In Middle English it was simply a word used to describe a woman whose profession was spinning yarn. 

During the late Middle Ages, married tradeswomen had an easier time obtaining higher-status, higher-income work than their unmarried peers. Unmarried women ended up with lower-status, lower-income jobs like combing, carding, and spinning wool—hence "spinster."

By the 17th century the usage had shifted to be a term in legal documents describing an unmarried woman. 


It certainly beats describing yourself as a spinner and people presuming you're an exercise fanatic and go to spinning classes at the gym!


Anyway, this badge proudly proclaims you to be a Spinster, in the style of the old school Prefect badges. 

Made in Birmingham (UK). 

Dimensions- 32mm x 28mm

With a brooch style fastening on the reverse. 

£6.00 GBP

Including VAT: £6.00 GBP

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