Tour de Fleece Challenge Fibre. Pre-order.

Hilltop Cloud

If you want a challenge during the Tour de Fleece then this should be right up your street!

Please do not order this with any other fibres. Your parcel will not be shipped until the start of June. I will not be able to combine this order with any club parcels. 

Every day that the Tour de France riders are competing you will get a small parcel containing 10g of fibre. You'll be able to spin each fibre by itself, or blend with with wool, the choice is yours!

On the 2 rest days you'll get a small parcel containing a little treat. 

The fibre will be a mix of commercially dyed, hand dyed, and undyed. Each parcel in your pack will be a different colour. The overall palette will be one that reminds me of the scenery of France during Le Tour. 

In total you will receive 210g of fibre.

There may be camelids, different types of silk, chemically processed plant fibres (such as viscose) and more traditional plant fibres (like linen). If you have fibre allergies this is probably not for you, but it will be a great way to try new fibres and techniques with the company of Team Hilltop Cloud. 

The fibres will be held in a hand printed cotton bag featuring a lino cut design inspired by the Tour de France.


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