Sock Fibre, Superwash Cheviot, Silk & Bio-Nylon. Hand Dyed Gradient Combed Top 100g

A classic sock base with an eco-friendly upgrade.

Superwash British Cheviot blended with Tussah Silk and Bio-Nylon. This will spin up to be a hard wearing, machine washable yarn, great for socks and baby clothes, or anything that you might want to throw in the washing machine.

Bio-Nylon is a special kind of synthetic that's treated to breakdown in landfill conditions, the synthetic fibres are broken down in anaerobic conditions by the bacteria in the landfill. The production method also uses recycled waste water. 

70% British Cheviot

15% Tussah Silk
15% Bio Nylon

~100g (3.5oz)

Cheviot fleece is crimpy, sturdy, but still with a soft hand. It makes a great sock yarn thanks to the bounce you get from the natural crimp. 

Hand dyed by me in my home in the Welsh hills using acid dyes, these give strong long lasting colours. The braids listed will be as close to identical as I can make them, but hand dyeing will always produce subtle variations. 

Always wash a swatch in your machine before washing a finished item, for best results use a low temperature or cold water. Dye will fade at a faster rate if you machine wash compared to gentle hand washing.

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