Ingredients Box- Still Waters. (Synthetic Free)

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If you're fond of using a drum carder, hand carders or a blending board to create your own batts, rolags, or punis then it's often nice to add in some extra bits and pieces to give some texture to your wool. 

If you're a felt maker then you don't need large amounts, but want a palette of all the little "extras" that can really transform your art.

When I'm at shows I have lots of little packets of "stuff" that works brilliantly for this, they're not practical to sell online, but here's my solution...

An ingredients box, lots of lovely fibres, in small amounts, in co-ordinating colours. This version contains no plastic based synthetic fibres. 


40g of Ramie (commercially dyed, 3 different colours)

40g of Hemp (commercially dyed, 2 different colours)

40g of Viscose (hand dyed, 2 different colours)

20g of Silk Throwsters Waste

 If you would like extra of any of the components you can find them in the Non-Wool section of the shop. 

If you order this as a single item it will be sent in a cardboard, large-letter sized box. In the UK this means you benefit from a much lower postage rate. If you order this with other items the fibres will be sent in one large, re-usable, grip-seal plastic bag. I'm committed to reducing waste, and not excessively packaging items. Further photos show examples of packaging.

Please select the correct option for your location to ensure you are charged the correct postage amount.

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