Indigo- Pigments- Merino, Sari Silk, Mulberry Silk & Llama. 100g

Soft, shiny, with lots of beautiful texture from the Sari Silk. 

Indigo pigment is found in many different plants, all over the world, and many cultures have used the process for extracting the blue pigment. The trick is getting the pigment to stick to fibres. In it's blue colour the dye molecule is incapable of creating a bond, instead it must be reduced (oxygen removed), which turns the dye molecule a shade of lime green. The fabric can now be dipped in to the vat, and when it is raised in to the air a transformation happens, the fabric magically turning from green to blue with the dye molecule now bounded to the textile. Nowadays many of us have an example of synthetic indigo in our wardrobe, the classic blue denim relies on the magic of indigo. 


Colour Description- Mid toned blue with navy and lime green streaks. 

This range of fibres will use the same fibre composition, and the collection will rotate through different colours and collections over time. Some colours will be restocked, and others may be temporary to allow space for other colours. Even if a colour is restocked the nature of the sari silk means it's unlikely that the next batch will be the same "dye lot". If consistency is going to be vital for your project please bear this in mind.


12.5% Llama,
12.5% Sari Silk,
12.5% Mulberry Silk,
62.5% Merino


Hand wash only. 

All these fibres, with the exception of the recycled sari silk have been professionally dyed to Okeo-Tex 100 certification. Sari silk can sometimes be prone to colour bleeding, caution is advised on the first wash. 

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