Cotton Sliver- 50g & 100g- Fir (DHG)


50g (1.8oz) or 100g (3.5oz)

This plant fibre comes from the fluff that surrounds the seed heads of the cotton plant. These fibres are very short, fine and soft. 

This cotton is grown in Egypt.

You can find some spinning hints and tips in the blogpost that goes with the May edition of the Non-Wool club. 

Commercially dyed in a stunning palette of colours to Okeo-Tex 100 standard. This environmental certification verifies the methods used are environmentally friendly, and the dyed used are safe for human health. 

Colour Description

Very dark khaki green. Forest green, with slightly more yellow undertones. In some lights, nearly black. 


Whether you're a spinner, felter, or mixed media artist you'll love working with this fibre. 

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