Silk Road- The Dyer. 100g Combed Top

The Silk Road was more than a transport route for silk. It was a link between East and West. Goods were traded and ideas migrated.

This collection of blended combed top is about rich colour, and subtle texture, and pays homage to some of the themes of the Silk Road, and the way of life of the people who lived and worked along it.


The Dyer

A magician; capable of turning unpromising ingredients in to a rainbow of colours.


66%  Merino

17% Linen

17% Bamboo


100g (3.5oz)

This is a deliciously textured, yet still soft blend. The  plant fibres content provides a beautiful drape to the finished yarn. 


Cool Handwash only. Will Felt.

This fibre is made up of many shades and tones of colour. It will look different under every type of light source. The photographs show it under natural light. Also shown are spun skeins, and knitted samples.

The Merino I use is 23 microns, and comes from Non-Mulsed Flocks located in either South Africa, or South America.

In total there are 7 colours in the collection.

NB. Every batch of the fibre will differ ever so slightly in how it comes out of the blending machinery. It is the same fibre composition, and will spin in to yarn with the same appearance, but braids might look slightly different. I recommend buying enough fibre at the same time to complete your project to ensure you don't get any differences in "dye lots" If you need more fibre than is listed at present please get in touch.

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