Soyasilk- Soybean Protein Tops- 50g & 100g

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50g (1.8oz) of 100g (3.50z)

Also known as Soybean, this fibre is manmade, but from a natural source. Soya protein is processed in to fine filaments to make this combed top. It was invented by Henry Ford in 1937, and was primarily used for car upholstery, because its anti-UV properties mean it fades far less quickly than silk or viscose. The rise of true synthetic fibres meant it disappeared from production, but was revived in 1998 when interest in non-oil based fibres was starting to increase. Treat it as you would spin silk, it will make a yarn with a beautiful shine and lovely drape. 



Whether you're a spinner, felter, or mixed media artist you'll love working with this fibre. 

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