Viscose Tops- 50g & 100g- Lavender (DHG)


50g (1.8oz) or 100g (3.5oz)

Also known as Rayon this processed cellulose fibre is made by pulping and dissolving the cellulose from plants. The liquid cellulose is then extruded in to very fine strands of fibre. Super soft and silky this is an ideal alternative to silk. This fibre is processed in Germany. 

Commercially dyed in a stunning palette of colours to Okeo-Tex 100 standard. This environmental certification verifies the methods used are environmentally friendly, and the dyed used are safe for human health. 

Colour Description

A true pale-purple, lilac with no hints of blue or purple.


Whether you're a spinner, felter, or mixed media artist you'll love working with this fibre. 

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