Drop Spindle, Top Whorl, 35g

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A simple yet effective drop spindle, made from birch. It's not the prettiest spindle in the world, but is sturdy, and works well. It can take you from a complete beginner to a skilled spinner.

I use a spindle almost identical to this to spin samples for my rovings. It's a medium weight (35g, 1.2oz) with a grooved whorl making for a long lasting, fast spin.

Contrary to popular belief beginner spindles shouldn't be heavy, it just makes it harder to learn.

I can also include some starting instructions, just select the option from the drop down box.

Yarn shown is only for photographic purposes and won't be included.

Designed to be used as a top whorl spindle, but can be turned upside down and using half hitches will work as a bottom whorl spindle if that's what you prefer.

Discounts available for purchases of 5 spindles or more. Please contact me for prices.

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