Dugoed Beeswax Polish

Handmade Beeswax wood polish. 

50g (1.8oz)

Made from the wax harvested from our own hives. We combine the wax with olive oil to make a lovely wood polish that will work wonders on spinning wheels, and anything else wooden you have in your home.

Ingredients- Beeswax, Olive Oil.


To use; just wipe a cloth over the surface of the tin, rub on to the wooden parts of the wheel, leave for a few minutes, then buff off.

Better to use a small amount and do it again later than to use too much, otherwise you'll end up with a sticky wheel. 
It's not a replacement for oil on all the rotating parts (yes, your wheel needs oil, put it on every part that moves, unless it has sealed bearings, and even then you still need oil for the flyer shaft). 


If you live in a place where summer temperatures get very high please wait until cooler months to place your order. The polish will melt when it gets too hot. We will ship it in a sealed plastic bag, but you might get a tin where the polish has seeped out whilst liquid.

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