Hand Dyed Striped Warp- Superfine Merino & Camel 4/16NM ~400m per 100g. 150 ends. ~2.2m or ~4.8m length

Pre-wound warp chains. Hand Dyed in Wales. Just add weft for a beautiful weaving project. 

70% Superfine Merino , 20% Baby Camel 4/16NM
~400m per 100g ( fingering weight)

150 ends
~2.2m warp length or ~4.8m warp length

This size warp produces a generous size scarf/small wrap. 

These warps are ready to be wound on to a multi-shaft loom using your normal method. 

They are also suitable for rigid heddle looms. There's a full page of helpful information on our website, including a step by step guide for winding a warp chain on to your loom. 


These warps are hand wound here in Wales before being dyed. 
We use professional grade acid dyes (these are non-toxic, and safe for the environment), and provide excellent colourfastness, and resistance to fading. After dyeing all warps are rinsed in hot water with detergent, and then rinsed again in hot water. We get no dye run off during this process, however using the water that comes out of your tap, and using a different detergent is not unusual to get some bleeding of certain colours (saturated blues and turquoises). We recommend using cool water and a pH neutral detergent. You may also wish to use a colour catcher, if any dye bleeding would cause serious problems with your finished project. 

The dyeing process requires that the ties on your warp are much looser than that used normally. Ties that are tight would cause white spots during the dyeing process. We have done extensive testing of our hand dyed warps on shafted and rigid heddle looms, and have found no difficulties with tangling. 

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