Angora Sampler- Angora Rabbit & Kid Mohair. Hand Dyed. 100g- Autumn

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Angora Rabbit & Goat Sample Pack.

50g (1.76oz) Angora Rabbit

50g (1.76oz) Kid Mohair


Angora rabbis produce a huge fluffy coat that is combed every 3 months. They produce short, very fluffy fibre that is incredibly fine. This fibre felts very easily, but also produces a yarn that is incredibly warm, and will develop a beautiful halo over time. Spin using a point of twist draw, as the short staple length makes a short forward draw a challenge. This fibre was sourced from rabbits kept in Europe. 

Kid Mohair

The Angora goat produces a long lustrous fleece with a beautiful curl. The finest grade is known as Kid Mohair because it usually comes from the youngest animals. The animals are usually shorn twice a year. The high lustre means this fibre works beautifully as a worsted yarn, but if you want more a classic mohair halo then try spinning it from the fold. The fluffy halo develops over time, but you can also encourage it by brushing the yarn gently. Don’t add too much twist or you will make string. Micron count is 24-26. 


This fibre is hand dyed in small batches, where more than one braid is available they will have been dyed at the same time, using the same dye stock, but my dyeing technique produces braids with subtle variations.

These fibres have been dyed to exhaust using acid dyes, and then rinsed using hot water and detergent. I recommend you hand wash your spun yarn in warm water, using a mild pH neutral detergent. The no-rinse wool washes seems to be the most prone to causing bleeding so are best avoided. 

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