Cashmere Mixed Bag- 500g. Assorted colours

Feed that Drum Carder and  Blending Board, or just spin them in to lots of mini skeins.

500g of dyed and undyed  Mongolian Cashmere. 

Fibre in assorted stages of preparation, some is small pieces of combed top, others is in clouds, some may need some teasing with your fingers/carders. It's all spinnable and usable fibre. 

Each bag contains mixed amounts of various colours. You will be sent a bag, picked at random containing at least 4 or 5 different colours (some bags are more varied than others). Photos shown is representative only, you will not receive this exact fibre. 


Commercially dyed in a stunning palette of colours to Okeo-Tex 100 standard. This environmental certification verifies the methods used are environmentally friendly, and the dyes used are safe for human health. 

500g (17.6oz)

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