Clifftop Gradient Pack- Blended Spinning Fibre, Gradient Roving Set 140g 4.9oz

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Clifftop Gradient Pack

140g (4.9oz) of blended wool tops.
This gradient has been created to make a seamless transition from one colour to the next.
There are 5 key colours, you get 20g of each shade.
In addition there are 4 transition colours, these allow you to move from one main colour to the next without an obvious jump. You get 10g of each of these colours.

25% Sari Silk
25% BFL
50% Merino


NB- This is a fresh batch, and the colour of the Sari Silk is different to last time, it will not be an exact match with any packs you may have bought previously. The photographs show the new version. 

Gentle Handwash only.

The photos try to capture the fibre as clearly as possible, under different light sources, however the complex nature of these blends, made up of may combinations of colours make them challenging to photograph, but beautiful in person.

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