Tour de Fleece- Team Hilltop Cloud Swap Fibre, Ultrafine Merino, 50g

Hilltop Cloud

Want to join in the Hilltop Cloud Tour de Fleece swap?

Here's what you need to do...

Take a look at the selection of colours available, all inspired by the Tour de France. 

Pick a colour you like from the drop down menu, and add it to your cart. 

Pick a second colour and add it to your cart.

In total you have now ordered 100g of fibre, in 2 different colours. 

Only one order per person please. 

Orders for swap fibre close on midnight (BST) 1st June.

You can not combine orders with club parcels, UK members, please do not use your postage code. 


Please put your Ravelry username as part of your name when you checkout.

Eg. I would type Katie (hilltopkatie) Weston.

Your swap partner will be told your Ravelry username.


Your fibre will be posted by 4th June. 

I hope this means that everyone will get their fibre before the end of the Tour, but due to current situation I really can't make any promises. 


This fibre is 14.5 micron Ultrafine Merino. 

The wool comes from non-mulsed sheep, and is dyed in Italy to Okeo-Tex 100 certification. 


When I pack the orders I will send you 50g of your 2 colours, and 50g of the 2 colours from the order of the team member before you.

Here's a theoretical example…

  • Ann orders a Tour de Fleece bundle of 100g of fibre. She selects 2 colours; Coral & Honey

  • Mary orders a Tour de Fleece bundle of 100g of fibre. She selects 2 colours Picnic, and Night. Mary will be sent 25g of Picnic , 25g of Night. She’ll also get 25g each of the 2 colours from the order that Ann placed (Coral & Honey).

  • Shirley orders a Tour de Fleece bundle of 100g of fibre. She selects Sea Mist & Cocoa. Shirley will be sent 25g of Sea Mist 25g of Cocoa. She’ll also get 25g each of the 2 colours from the order that Mary placed ( Picnic,and Night)

  • Finally, what about poor Ann who placed the first order? She’ll be matched up to the final order in the group to complete the circular swap. So in this small scale scenario she’ll be sent 25g of Coral, 25g of Honey, and will get 25g each of the 2 colours that Shirley ordered ( Sea Mist and Cocoa).


This year our team fibre also has a charitable component. Qhubeka is an African based charity who provide bikes to people in rural communities. This lets children go to school more easily, people transport their goods to market, and allows healthcare workers to reach vulnerable communities. To provide a bike through the charity costs £160. I'll be donating 50p from every swap bundle. It would be great if we could sponsor a Team Hilltop Cloud bike! 

  • More than 80,000 bikes have been distributed by Qhubeka since 2005
  • A child’s commute time to school is reduced by up to 75% with a bicycle
  • A bicycle increases a person’s carrying capacity by five times
  • Healthcare workers can visit more than double the amount of patients per day with a bicycle
  • Marks improve by an average of 25% for children who ride a bicycle to school
  • Schools where children ride bicycles see attendance rates rise by 18% on average

If you want to match my donation, then you can do so here. 


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