Devonia, British Wool Blend (Exmoor Blueface, BFL, Wensleydale), Hand Dyed, Variegated,100g

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Hand dyed Devonia, British Wool Combed Top.

Devonia was developed by John Arbon as a celebration of the wools from the South West of England. 

Exmoor Blueface are a cross between the local Exmoor Horn and BFL. Their fleece adds spring and bounce. Devon grown BFL increases softness, and adds lustre. The shine is enhanced still further with the addition of Devon grown Wensleydale.

50% Exmoor Blueface

30% BFL

20% Wensleydale

The fibres have all been specially selected, and then processed at John Arbons worsted spinning mill in Devon. 


Hand dyed by me in my home in the Welsh hills using acid dyes, these give strong, long lasting colours.

~ 100g (3.5oz)

This fibre is hand dyed in small batches, where more than one braid is available they will have been dyed at the same time, using the same dye stock, but my dyeing technique produces braids with subtle variations, no two braids are ever identical, where multiple braids are available they are shown in the additional photographs.

For more detailed washing instructions take a look here. 

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