Diz- For Combing and Carding, Plastic, multi sized holes

Diz's are used for turning a big clump of fibre in to a narrow strip of fibre ready for spinning.
You can use them with hand combs or a hackle to create combed top, or with a drum carder to create roving.

I use them all the time to create the hand combed top, and hand blended roving listed in the shop.

When I teach workshops people often comment how much they've struggled with using a diz before, usually it's because the hole in the diz isn't big enough, and there's not enough of the diz for you to hold on to while you use it. A button does work, but is far more fiddly to hold. This is nice and big, to make using it much easier.

These diz's come with a nice large hole, perfect for when you're just starting out, or know you want to create a more bulky yarn, but also have a range of smaller sizes for creating thinner roving/top for fine spinning.
Made from acrylic plastic, they won't shatter if you drop them and will last a lifetime.


Hole Sizes Range from 8mm to 1mm


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