Dyers Half-Dozen- Polwarth Wool, 6 co-ordinating mini braids, Hand Dyed 360g

Hilltop Cloud

 A collection of hand dyed colourways. Not designed as a true Fade set, but as a set of colours that all work together, providing contrast, difference in tonal value, but still colours that will work together when used in one project. 

Perfect for many of Andrea Mowry's patterns like Nightshift,  or Shifty, ideal for the spinner who wants to get creative with their handspun. 

Hand dyed on Polwarth Wool Tops. 

A breed developed from a Merino & Lincoln cross, 21-24 microns, 80mm staple length. This fibre is sourced from the Falkland Islands. 


360g (12.7oz)
~60g (2.1oz) of each colour way. 

This fibre is hand dyed in small batches. Each colour way is unique, and not dyed to a recipe. 

These fibres have been dyed to exhaust using acid dyes, and then rinsed using hot water and detergent. I recommend you hand wash your spun yarn in warm water, using a mild pH neutral detergent. The no-rinse wool washes seems to be the most prone to causing bleeding so are best avoided.

Always wash a swatch in your machine before washing a finished item, for best results use a low temperature or cold water. Dye will fade at a faster rate if you machine wash compared to gentle hand washing.

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