Dyers Half-Dozen- Rambouillet, 6 co-ordinating mini braids, Hand Dyed Wool, 360g

 A collection of hand dyed colourways. Not designed as a true Fade set, but as a set of colours that all work together, providing contrast, difference in tonal value, but still colours that will work together when used in one project. 

Perfect for many of Andrea Mowry's patterns like Nightshift,  or Shifty, ideal for the spinner who wants to get creative with their handspun. 

Hand dyed on Rambouillet Wool Combed Top
Rambouillet produce a wonderful crimpy fibre, but with a more dis-organised crimp, matte appearance, and longer staple than their close relations, the Merino. The breed is a very old one, dating back to 1786 when the first Spanish Merino sheep were allowed to leave Spain as a gift to the French King. 

Micron Count 20-23

360g (12.7oz)
~60g (2.1oz) of each colour way. 
Hand dyed by me in my home in the Welsh hills using acid dyes, these give strong long lasting colours.

This fibre is hand dyed in small batches. Each colour way is unique, and not dyed to a recipe. Multiple packs in each colourway are available, and will contain braids that were dyed at the same time using the same dye stock, but no braid will be identical. Please buy enough fibre to complete your project, I won't be able to replicate these colourways. 

Cool handwash only, will felt. For more detailed washing instructions take a look here. 

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