Fade Pack- Southdown, 5 co-ordinating braids, Hand Dyed British Wool, 500g

Co-ordinating, yet different.

5 braids, all designed to work together. Perfect for patterns like So Faded or Find Your Fade. Spin 5 operate skeins then put them into your favourite jumper or cardigan pattern. Just work alternate rows to swap from one skein to another.

Hand dyed on British Southdown  Combed Top.

 ~500g (17.6oz)


Southdowns come from the south coast of England, this fleece comes from the standard traditional Southdown sheep not the Babydoll, or Toy Southdown's that are more common in the USA. This sheep is classified as a conservation breed, meaning it's numbers are in decline in modern agriculture.

It's fleece has a short staple length, and the classic volume you get from the Down breeds of sheep. Micron count is around 30. The classic use for this wool is as a sock wool, it creates lovely warm socks, and like all other down breeds is hard to felt, so some people report that they machine wash and dry their socks with no ill effects.
A previous customer did a test on this using some of my hand dyed Southdown and has kindly let me share the results on my blog

This fibre was reviewed in the Spring 2013 Edition of Knitty, see what they had to say about it here

Hand dyed by me in my home in the Welsh hills using acid dyes, these give strong long lasting colours.

This fibre is hand dyed in small batches. Each colour way is unique, and not dyed to a recipe. 

Cool handwash only, will felt. For more detailed washing instructions take a look here. 

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