Hilltop Cloud Hand Carder Covers

Hilltop Cloud 10th Birthday Goodies!

To celebrate 10 years of all things Hilltop Cloud I've commissioned a special range of accessories to help control your tools and supplies. 

Featuring the Hilltop Cloud sheep in a rainbow of colours, this fabric is printed in the UK. 

Handmade here in Wales by Quince Pie 


Hand Carders are a bit like socks....
Most of the time I can only find one of them, the other is usually cozying up to a skein of yarn in the corner.
When I take them out to spinning group meetings I end up pulling them out of my bag and discovering that the teeth have already started carding the fibre I was planning to work with, creating an almighty matted mess. Sometimes, horror of horrors, something hard has been pushed against the cloth and some of the teeth are now bent.

By wrapping this fabric cover around them I can always find both my carders, the teeth stay clear of unwanted fluff, and the backs of the carders protect the cloth from damage.

This size cover fits most standard sized hand carders, flat or curved.
The ones used for the photo are 21cm x12cm (8in x 4.5in)

The velcro fasting gives this cover a certain degree of flexibility, if your carders are slightly smaller, or larger then this cover will still fit.
If your carders are very different in size then please contact me for a different size cover. Final picture shows a cover of the same type on the Ashford Mini Carders.

List of compatible carders-
Ashford Standard Carder, (not Mini)
Winghams Carders
Louet Hand Cards (not Mini)
Clemes & Clemes Wool Carders
Strauch 8 inch Wool Carder
Most non-brand hand carders

Schacht Carders will fit, but come in slightly different sizes to most conventional hand carders. The Curved models are slightly wider so the cover will wrap around, but the edges of the carders will poke out.

Cover Size, unwrapped.
22cm (9in) wide
30cm (12in) long in the middle section.
40cm (16in) long including tabs.

The cover closes using velcro, in a manner that allows it to be adjustable to fit different models of carders. The hook section of the velcro is always hidden when the cover is fastened so it won't get filled with fluff in your bag.




Fabric details- 100% Cotton

£15.00 GBP

Including VAT: £15.00 GBP

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