Hilltop Cloud Sock Sack

Hilltop Cloud 10th Birthday Goodies!

To celebrate 10 years of all things Hilltop Cloud I've commissioned a special range of accessories to help control your tools and supplies. 

Featuring the Hilltop Cloud sheep in a rainbow of colours, this fabric is printed in the UK. 

Handmade here in Wales by Quince Pie 


A deluxe small project bag. 

Great for knitting on the go and two-at-a-time projects! Room for two balls plus your project. This is the ideal bag for those who knit socks two at a time, or for working on colour work.
The zippered pouch serves as a divider to keep your 2 balls of yarn separate and the metal lobster claw guides feed your yarn smoothly to help keep them from tangling. These can be opened to release your project.

The zippered pouch is great for scissors, tape, stitch markers etc.

Measures approximately-  21cm x 14cmx 13cm (8.5" x 5.5" x 5")


Built in zippered pouch for bits and bobs.

Two yarn guides with lobster claw clips.

Drawstring and wooden bead closure - won't come open until you open it. 

Flat bottom construction so bag stays upright.

Fabric details- 100% Cotton

£30.00 GBP

Including VAT: £30.00 GBP

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