Hilltop Cloud Yarn Cake Sleeve

Hilltop Cloud

Hilltop Cloud 10th Birthday Goodies!

To celebrate 10 years of all things Hilltop Cloud I've commissioned a special range of accessories to help control your tools and supplies. 

Featuring the Hilltop Cloud sheep in a rainbow of colours, this fabric is printed in the UK. 

Control your centre pull yarn cakes using this stretchy yarn sleeve. Helps stop tangling and keeps your yarn cake nice and neat while you use the strand from the middle. 

Works well on cakes of roughly 100g of fingering weight yarn, but there's lots of stretch so it will handle larger, and it still works well on smaller quantities as well. 

Fabric details- Polyester Lycra blend

£8.00 GBP

Including VAT: £8.00 GBP

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