Kid Mohair & Eri Silk, Hand Dyed Semi Solid 100g

A stunningly soft yarn, with beautiful drape, that will develop a beautiful halo. This spins like butter.

65% Kid Mohair
35% Eri Silk


100g (3.5oz)

This has been well blended to mix the different fibres thoroughly.

A new version of my Silk & Mohair base. It's been tweaked to increase the mohair content (more fluff, more halo!), and the silk in this batch is eri silk. This silk gets its name from the fibre that the silk moths feed on. Eri comes from the Assamese word era which means castor, as this silk moth feeds on the castor oil plant. This silk is naturally very dense, and very strong with a lovely long staple length.

Hand dyed by me in my home in the Welsh hills using acid dyes, these give strong long lasting colours.

Cool handwash only, will felt. For more detailed washing instructions take a look here.

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