Lost Names- Mary Somerville. 100g Hand Dyed BFL

Lost Names celebrates the people that have disappeared from history... but whose names we should all know about. 

Mary Somerville-

Born in the Scottish borders in 1780 Mary was a writer, scientist and polymath. Completely self taught, her interests and areas of knowledge were broad and deep. Later in life she acted as tutor to Ada Lovelace. 

Her translation, and expansion of the book The Mechanism of the Heavens was placed in the reading list at Cambridge for 50 years. Her book Physical Geography was the first English textbook on that subject . 

In 1835, along with Caroline Herschel, she was elected as an honorary member of the Royal Astronomical Society. In 1868, four years before her death aged 91, she was the first person to sign John Stuart Mill's unsuccessful petition for female suffrage

If you're Scotland, take a look at a Bank of Scotland £10 note... you'll find her on the front. 

More about her life and studies. 


Colours in this pack-  Petrol Blue, Burnt Sienna, Robin Egg Blue, Plum, Parchment. 

5 x 20g (0.7oz) of hand dyed combed top. 


You can spin them as mini-skins, or use hand carders to create transition shades for a gradient skein. You could also use them on drum carders and blending boards to add a little special touch to blends. 

Each colour way is hand dyed in a solid colour way, but the nature of hand dyeing creates a fibre that won't produce a solid coloured yarn. This tonal variation will really help to create unique beautiful projects. 


These colourways are intended to be repeatable, but the nature of my hand dyeing techniques means that colourways will never be identical from dye batch to dye batch. All the packs that are available at any one time will come from the same batch and will match each other. Packs listed at a later date may well contain colours that are slightly different. Please buy enough in one go to complete your chosen project.


These fibres have been dyed to exhaust using acid dyes, and then rinsed using hot water and detergent. However, differences in water can sometimes cause odd things to happen to hand dyed fibres. I would recommend washing the dark colours separately from the pale colours in the unlikely case that some bleeding does occur.

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