Samhain- Ceilidh Collection. Blended Fibre, 100g

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The Ceilidh Collection of fibre celebrates the ever changing seasons. 8 festivals have been translated in to fibre form, creating a variety of co-ordinating colours in the same fibre base.

A ceilidh is a time of celebration, when people come together to look forward to the future, and think about the past. They break bread, share drinks and stories, sing and dance. There's a reason that we have seasonal celebrations, they help us get through the dark winter months, celebrate the coming of better weather, and commemorate the hard work of a successful season.

Even though we're separated by thousands of miles I hope that spinning this collection of fibre will help to tie us together and remind us of our shared past.

Samhain is a festival of the past. It's a time of thinking about those we have loved who are no longer with us. A festival of darkness, held in November at the start of the year, Winter is coming and the nights are drawing in.


25% BFL

12.5% Soya Silk

12.5% Shetland

5% Angelina

45% Merino


Cool Handwash only. Will Felt.

This fibre is made up of many shades and tones of colour. It will look different under every type of light source. The photographs show it under natural light, and in a photography light box. Also shown are spun skeins, and knitted samples.

In total there are 8 colours in the collection.

NB. Every batch of the fibre will differ ever so slightly in how it comes out of the blending machinery. It is the same fibre composition, and will spin in to yarn with the same appearance, but braids might look slightly different. I recommend buying enough fibre at the same time to complete your project to ensure you don't get any differences in "dye lots" If you need more fibre than is listed at present please get in touch.

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