Silk Brick Gradient, Hand Dyed, 50g

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Hand Dyed Mulberry Silk Brick

~50g (1.8 oz)

A Grade Mulberry Silk is the highest grade of silk, super smooth and shiny. These bricks are the best quality available, if you thought you didn't like spinning silk before then give these a try and hopefully you'll be surprised.

This silk has been hand dyed in my home in the Welsh hills using acid dyes, these give strong long lasting colours.

May contain some paler patches, which will lead to a lovely subtle variegation when spun.

These gradients have been dyed as a mirror gradient on one silk brick, and then divided in the middle. The pair of half bricks will be matching (or as close as possible that hand dyeing allows).


A note about weights, these are 100g bricks, divided equally. As the fibre is usually slightly overweight I can usually end up with 2 half bricks weighing 50g, occasionally I can't do the division exactly evenly ( I pull the fibre apart as cutting it would be a very bad thing to do), sometimes a half brick will weigh slightly (1-2g) less than 50g.

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