Spinning Hand Dyed Fibre- A Guide

This booklet is the result of years of experimentation. Not only as a spinner, but also as a dyer. 

It's designed to help you make informed decisions about your spinning. I want you to be in control of the yarn you make. It covers a wide variety of dyeing styles, each one is spun in a multitude of different ways, and the results analysed.

If you've ever spun a braid of fibre and been surprised by the results when you knitted the finished yarn, then this is a booklet for you!

It’s less of a technical spinning book and more of a guided journey from fibre to fabric. I cover lots of different dyeing styles, spin them in many different ways, and analyse why you get the final effect.
I want people to be able to take a braid of fibre, and understand how to manipulate it to get the yarn and fabric they want, rather than just spin and hope!

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32 printed pages, full colour throughout. This 21cm square booklet is easy to flip through to find the information you want.


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This book was self-designed and published several years ago. I now know far more about accessibility and layout for people with visual needs (though am by no means an expert). If you need a pdf copy in order to allow you to use a screen reader, or to view at a larger scale please get in touch and I am happy to help.

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