Terre Verte- Pigments- Merino, Sari Silk, Mulberry Silk & Llama. 100g

Soft, shiny, with lots of beautiful texture from the Sari Silk. 

Rather than coming from one specific source, Terre Verte is sourced from assorted natural pigmented earths. Usually there willl be some glauconite and celadonite, but the presence of other earth pigments can dramatically change the shade of green you get from this pigment. Unlike the ochres, umbers and sienna tones to give black, orange, brown and red, green was used very little prehistorically, despite it being relatively common in nature. Where it came in to it's own was as a means of creating shading on paintings depicting the pinky-red tones of European skin. 

 Colour Description- Khaki green, with streaks of black and golden yellow. 

This range of fibres will use the same fibre composition, and the collection will rotate through different colours and collections over time. Some colours will be restocked, and others may be temporary to allow space for other colours. Even if a colour is restocked the nature of the sari silk means it's unlikely that the next batch will be the same "dye lot". If consistency is going to be vital for your project please bear this in mind.


12.5% Llama,
12.5% Sari Silk,
12.5% Mulberry Silk,
62.5% Merino


Hand wash only. 

All these fibres, with the exception of the recycled sari silk have been professionally dyed to Okeo-Tex 100 certification. Sari silk can sometimes be prone to colour bleeding, caution is advised on the first wash. 

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