Yak Down Mixed Colour Pack- Hand Dyed 100g- Butterfly

Yak Down Mixed Colour Pack

100g (3.5oz) Hand Dyed Yak (5 x 20g)


The softness of cashmere, but with slightly less of an ouch to the price tag! 

17-19 microns. 

This is the soft undercoat of the Yak, it's dehired, and you're left with a beautifully soft short stapled fibre, ideally suited to a point of twist draw, or it's great for blending. 



This fibre is hand dyed in small batches, where more than one braid is available they will have been dyed at the same time, using the same dye stock, but my dyeing technique produces braids with subtle variations.

These fibres have been dyed to exhaust using acid dyes, and then rinsed using hot water and detergent. I recommend you hand wash your spun yarn in warm water, using a mild pH neutral detergent. The no-rinse wool washes seems to be the most prone to causing bleeding so are best avoided. 

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