Zipper Pouch- Get me Cake Now (Blue Q)

Hilltop Cloud

I love these bags. 

I stock up whenever I see them, so I'm really happy to be able to stock them in the shop. 

They're ridiculously useful for just about every spinning item you can think of. 

I have one in the box I use for my Hansen e-spinner, it stores my spare drive bands, oil, quill.

I have one in the box I take to workshops I use it for screwdrivers, allen keys, and other supplies. 

This size is large enough for a 1 yard niddy noddy, and a standard bobbin. It's wipe-clean, so ideal for when that oil bottle leaks, and resists puncture, so works for knitting needles as well. 

24cm x 18cm (9.5 x 7 inches)

Closes with a chunky zip, made from 95% post-consumer recycled material, and 1% of all sales go to support Environmental Initiatives around the world. 

£7.00 GBP

Including VAT: £7.00 GBP

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