Cambrian Wool, Welsh x BFL Wool, 100g & 500g. Un-dyed

Wool sourced from the mountains I look at from my front door... This fibre is everything I dreamed of stocking when I first started the business. 

Cambrian Wool is Welsh wool from farms local to me. The Cambrian Wool CIC (Community Interest Company) selects the finest fleeces from these farms and has them processed, in the UK, in to Combed Top & Worsted Yarns.  The sheep are known as Welsh Mules.  A Mule is a cross between a native upland sheep, in this case Welsh Mountain, and a Blue Faced Leicester. These sheep produce wool with beautiful sheen, and incredible bounce, and a long staple length. An enormous customer favourite... this fibre is beautiful to spin, and makes wonderful yarn.

The Cambrian Mountains are the remote upland area in the centre of Wales.
This stunningly beautiful landscape is one of the our best kept secrets... 

Available in 100g (3.5oz) and 500g (17.6oz) sizes. 

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