Spinning Wheel Oil Pen- Precision Oiler

Spinning Wheels need oil. 

Most of us don't oil our spinning wheels anywhere near as often was we should. Generally a couple of drops on all moving parts every time you sit down to spin will make a huge difference to how your wheel behaves. 

Even if your wheel has sealed bearings you should still oil the flyer shaft for the bobbin, and the treadle hinges will also benefit from some lubrication. 

I've been through my fair share of oil bottles, and one issue that I nearly always have is that eventually the cap on the end of the needle tip falls off and oil ends up going everywhere. These little oil pens have an additional cap to hold the rubber cover in place, no more leaks! 

The needle ended applicator reaches in to even the tightest of spots, so you can put a couple of drops where you need it instead of squeezing and hoping some gets to the right spot. 

Contains 6g of light lubricating oil, made in the UK. 


These pens are refillable. Turn the metal section where it meets the black plastic and the needle section unscrews. You can then re-fill with your choice of light oil. 

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