Odin- Nordic Collection. Blended Corriedale & Merino Top, 100g

Nordic lets the wool do the talking. 

A blend of 50% Merino and 50% Corriedale creates a fluffy, wooly blended combed top. It's soft enough for next to skin uses, but the addition of Corriedale adds bounce and sturdiness to the softer Merino fibres. By using Corriedale wool the blend has a bit more tooth to it. This fibre has a more open crimp so you can spin a loftier yarn with more life to it than a pure merino blend. This is a fibre that's made for colour work, stripes, warm bouncey accessories and cozy garments. 

Nordic is inspired by the lands across the North Sea and the ancient mythology of the Norse Gods and Goddesses.


The All Father. All seeing, all powerful. 

Shades of bright blue blended with mustard yellow.

50% Merino

50% Corriedale


100g (3.5oz)


23 micron Merino from non-mussed flocks in either South Africa or South America.

25-30 micron Corriedale from New Zealand


NB. Every batch of the fibre will differ ever so slightly in how it comes out of the blending machinery. It is the same fibre composition, and will spin in to yarn with the same appearance, but braids might look slightly different. I recommend buying enough fibre at the same time to complete your project to ensure you don't get any differences in "dye lots" If you need more fibre than is listed at present please get in touch.

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