Wedding (Brighter Shades) Color Grid- Colour wheel, colour picker

I've stocked the original Colour Grid for years now, it's an invaluable tool to help with colour choices. This is a new version to supplement the original one. 

It's marketed as a Wedding Color Grid, but don't let the name put you off. In reality it's the same great design, but with a brighter more cheerful palette.


From the moment I saw this version of a color wheel I knew it was something I needed to stock.

Designed by Gail Callahan this tool helps take the mystery out of colour. It matches how I see and think about colour perfectly, in a way that never worked for me with traditional colour wheels.

It's perfect for anyone who works with colour, you use the large square in the centre of the grid to pick your main colour, the 8 smaller squares surrounding it are all complementary colours that will tone beautifully. You then use the slot to pick an accent colour.

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